The Benefits of Wood Plank Porcelain Tile

The Benefits of Wood Plank Porcelain Tile

Wood-look tile hit the market over a decade ago and as the wood-look remains popular, the desire for a low-maintenance, long lasting, easy-to-clean, surface does as well. The good news is; wood plank tile has come a long way over the years. If you want the wood look, with the durability of a tile, you’ll find your perfect match in wood plank porcelain tile. 

Although the softness and warmth of real wood can feel amazing at your fingertips or under your toes, often, it makes more sense to use a wood tile instead. Because tile is completely waterproof and scratch resistant, it is a smart option for your new floors and walls, especially if you own animals or have children. Tile is resistant to the damage of heavy traffic, and the exposure to humidity and water, making it last longer.


When you're selecting a wood plank porcelain tile, there are a few things to look for:


natural wood plank tile



Each wood plank porcelain tile has a picture printed on the porcelain. Some wood plank tiles only repeat their printed patterns every few tiles, which means you’re not going to get a natural wood variation, such as knots or grains in high detail. A high-end wood tile will have upwards of 100 printed designs, which will give it a much more realistic wood look. Lower end tiles may only have 24 faces, for example, which means you will see the same pattern every 24 pieces of tile. Be sure to rotate the orientation of the tiles often to break up the overall look.



The reason we keep mentioning porcelain, instead of ceramic, is because porcelain has such a high breakage point, meaning if you drop something on your wood plank porcelain floor, you won’t have to worry about the porcelain breaking. Porcelain is also much more scratch resistance than ceramic.

wood plank porcelain tile


Just like paper printing, there is high resolution and low resolution printing. All good quality wood plank porcelain tiles will use high definition inkjet technology. Without the high resolution printing, your wood plank will be pixilated and blurry.



To keep your wood plank porcelain floor looking natural and like real wood, try to use different size tiles. When wood-looks were first made, they were 6” x 24”. Now that the manufacturing capabilities have advanced, planks can be made as long as 72”. Varying the sizes of your tiles while laying down your floor or installing your new wall tiles can creating a natural look.


wood plank tile


When choosing your grout, find the darkest part of your tile and choose a grout that is one shade darker than that. This will trick the eye into thinking your grout lines are shadows around the wood planks.



For houses near bodies of water, with high traffic areas, and large family homes, wood plank porcelain tile is a great substitute for a wood floor or wall. Because of porcelain’s high breakage point and scratch resistance, it allows you to live worry-free knowing you won’t have expensive maintenance costs over time. And, as a bonus, larger tiles, like wood plank tiles, often make a room appear larger.