Budgeting for a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom for quite some time and have gathered ideas and photos of what you like – and what you don’t like.  There comes a point when you get serious and say, “Let’s get this done!”  What now?  Establishing a budget for your remodeling project is one of first steps toward making your dream a reality.  Here are some things to consider in developing a budget:


Quartz and Quartzite – How do they differ?

You may have noticed quartz countertops being a popular trend for kitchen remodels, especially on Pinterest and Houzz. Many people come in our kitchen and bath showroom asking about quartzite and how it differs, if at all, from quartz. 

Quartz is an engineered stone, meaning it is made in a factory out of synthetic materials such as stone chips, resins, and pigments. With normal use, quartz will not chip, fade, or break. Because it is a non-porous product, it does not have to be sealed and will not absorb stains. It is one of the lowest maintenance countertops available.



Different Kinds of Tile and Their Uses

If you were to walk into our showroom today, you would see that we have hundreds of tile samples available (literally), but would you be able to differentiate them and know which tile would best meet the needs of your project? After all, not all tile is created equal. Some tiles hold up to heat and moisture, making them a great fit for a bathroom, and some don’t. Some tiles can handle years of wear and tear, making them a best bet for flooring in a high traffic area of your home, while some would crack under the pressure. And, some tiles require more monthly or annual maintenance than others. To put it simply, tile can be complicated.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you with that when you arrive to our showroom. Until then, though, we put together this quick guide detailing different tiles, their properties and best uses.



Put Your Kitchen in the Best Light

Renovating your kitchen means more than exploring your cabinetry and countertop options. Although those are two very important parts of any home renovation, we can't forget about lighting- one of the most important aspects of any room in your home.


Holiday Survival Guide- Home Edition

When we were kids, the holidays meant a vacation from school spent with our family, piles of gifts, and food- lots of food. As adults, though, how we feel about the holidays tends to change. All of a sudden, we're the ones preparing the food, buying all the gifts and organizing the schedules. That's not as much fun as 2 whole weeks off from school with nothing to do now, is it?

With that in mind, we put together this Pinterest board with a few holiday hacks that will save you time, money, and stress. From last-minute, kid-friendly DIY decoration ideas to time saving baking hacks to helpful check lists that will avoid any guest room shortages, we've got you covered. 


Countertop Cleaning & Maintenance Guide:

If you think about it, your kitchen countertop works harder than anyone in your house. It puts up with much more than a kitchen appliance should. Well beyond meal prep, your kitchen countertop sees your daily mail, your kids’ backpacks, is used as a coat hanger or a leaning post… the list could go on. So, how do we make sure our countertops survive all this wear and tear? With proper maintenance, of course. With that in mind, we’ve focused on a few different countertop materials and detailed their maintenance requirements and suggested cleaning methods. 

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