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The Cabinetry Concepts design team is passionate about design, whether it is a new kitchen, bathroom, remodel, or reclaiming space for a home office, or a functional laundry room for an active family.  Our designers have a love for the design process and for the products we offer our customers! This love extends to the creation of something real, lasting and beautiful in a home or workplace.  Every design is a new challenge and a new opportunity.


Rosalie Wyman - Owner/ Designer


Ro’s experience in business began with her career at the management-consulting firm of Booz-Allen-Hamilton, where she was the administrative manager for the Worldwide Financial Industries Practice. Later, she joined Chemical Bank as a middle market commercial lending officer and manager of that department’s training program.

Ro’s career as an entrepreneur began in 2004 when she founded Wyman Ventures, an upscale home renovation and spec home building company. At Wyman Ventures, Ro quickly realized that successful projects require an acute understanding of the details and nuances of creative kitchen and bath design. In the process of honing her design skills, it became apparent to Ro that there was a need for a comprehensive, customer service driven design center in the Upper Valley area of NH and VT.

That need was met in 2009 when Cabinetry Concepts and Surface Solutions were founded. In this capacity, Ro feels fortunate to have the opportunity to exercise her entrepreneurial spirit, while utilizing her flair for design and passion for project management. Ro lives in Hanover, NH with her husband Bill and their three dogs, Wrigley, Charley, and Emi. 

Ro is passionate about animals, children, and flying. If she had any spare time she would play more golf and spend more time with her 11 grandchildren and 5 great nieces and nephews.

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Stacey Shaker – Design Associate



Stacey brings experience in the arts, a degree in design and a passion for cooking to her kitchens. She prides herself in creating working spaces that fit the customer's lifestyle and budget. As a woodworker who likes to work on her own house, she brings a very hands-on approach to the design process and understands intricacies of installation and attention to detail required for the perfect design.

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Wrigley - aka "Wriggs"wriggs

"Wriggs" is the official Showroom Mascot and chief watchdog. He has extensive experience lounging around and searching for treats in and around cabinets, hardware, granite samples, and displays of all shapes and sizes. In addition to keeping staff morale at an all-time high with his "doggone" appeal, Wriggs provides exceptional customer service through nuzzling and consistently being underfoot.

When not at the showroom, Wriggs enjoys napping, looking for treats, and romping in his Hanover home whom he shares with his canine buddies, Charley and Emi, and people pals, Ro and Bill.

Note to customers: BRING TREATS!