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"Your installers did a great job. They were arguably the best contractors I have ever dealt with and again our countertops look great! We will definitely recommend you guys to our neighbors."

- PC & DC, Hanover, NH


 Planning Your Dream Space

Adding space to your home or improving existing living conditions can be a traumatic experience. If you plan effectively, it doesn’t have to be. The Planning Phase of a remodel or new construction is so important - it sets the stage for the entire process.

Step 1: Starting the Standard Cabinetry Design Process

Visit our showroom on Mechanic Street to meet our designers and to view our many product options. We will discuss your ideas for your new project and get an understanding of the scope of the work required. Our designers are happy to meet with you* to discuss your project and take a look at any photos, blueprints, drawings, etc. that you may have of your project. 

  1. We will set up an appointment with you to visit your home to:

    1. Measure and photograph the project areas; and
    2. Understand how your family utilizes the space and your vision for the new space.
  2. We will set up a showroom appointment* with you to review cabinetry options, which include cabinetry lines; cabinetry styles; wood or paint; and door styles as the first step in the design process. 

  3. We get to work on a preliminary design and "rough" cabinetry estimate for the project for your review and discussion. 

  4. At this point, a decision needs to be made by you to contract with Cabinetry Concepts as your design team to begin the necessary design and budget revisions required and to define the entire scope of the project. 

Step 2: The Standard Cabinetry Design Package
Our designers are here to help guide you through the complicated final selection processes to include cabinetry styles and construction options; wood and stain options; paint color; door styles and the myriad of functional cabinetry accessories desired for your final design and project "Estimate."
  1. Revisions should be expected both in design and pricing based on the preliminary design review in Step 1 and your budget. Six cabinetry lines create both design and pricing options for every budget. 

  2. There may be several rounds of designs needed to get to the final result. 

  3. You will be provided with a final "Estimate" and a set of detailed floor plans and elevations for your review and acceptance. 

  4. Should you require a contractor, we will provide a list of qualified contractors with whom we and many of our satisfied customers have worked. 

  5. We will provide detailed drawings and notes for you to submit to contractors to estimate construction and/or installation costs for your project. 
  6. All field measurements are verified and a 50% deposit is required to place your cabinetry or other product orders. A 75% deposit is required on countertop orders. All balances are due and payable upon delivery to our warehouse and prior to pick-up by you or your contractor or delivery on-site. 

  7. On-site delivery costs vary depending on location, weather, and size of project materials to deliver. This will be determined by you and your contractor. Cabinetry Concepts can also deliver, but we charge for this service based on the time required and truck rental fees incurred. 

Step 3: The Installation Process for a Standard Cabinetry Design Project
  1. We are present for delivery of the cabinetry to our Warehouse or the site. 

  2. We are available during the cabinetry installation process to answer any questions your contractor may have.

  3. We are present for the template and installation of your countertops if purchased through us. 


The Interior Design Package Option

If you do not have an interior designer, our experienced designers are able to work with you on all the additional design decisions that you might require. We can help with selection and purchase of countertops, appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry hardware, and color pallets and designs for floor and wall tile and paints. These design services are available at an hourly rate of $50. 


Other Services

Many prospective residential and commercial projects require detailed and complex review and design time to create the desired vision. This design work is considered outside the scope of a Standard Cabinetry Design project. These services may include but are not limited to:

  • Site and Showroom Meetings and Measurements
  • Project Design and 3-D Computer Modeling Plans
  • ADA Compliant Designs
  • Lighting and Switching Schematic Drawings
  • Schematic Tile Layout Drawings
  • Project Management

Our designers are able to provide Project Management from inception to completion and can help you choose a quality contractor, who they will work with from start to finish, to ensure the satisfactory completion of your project. These design services are available at an hourly rate of $75 for residential projects and $90 for commercial projects. 


* Our showroom is open 6 days a week for your convenience and by appointment if our hours of operation don’t work for you. While a designer is always in the showroom during normal business hours, we recommend you call and schedule an appointment so that you can be provided the necessary attention you require.